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Bogazici'nin Sultanlari

There are certainly some effects of globalization on culture in any developing country. Does the American football represent a good example for cultural interaction? Is it an outcome of globalization that American football is now played in Turkey? Is it cultural development or cultural destruction? Does it mean losing their own cultural identity for the ones who play it in Turkey? Is the English language penetrating into the lives of the people too much? What are the ways to protect the domestic culture? The Sultans of the Bosphorus takes a close look at the cultural interaction through American football in Turkey.

Film notes

As a project, the Sultans of the Bosphorus came into my life so naturally and suddenly that it was impossible for me not to make it. The initial idea was to emphasize the interaction of the cultures; was it really possible for the different cultures to exist together in harmony, without losing identities? I was aware that the American football players in Turkey were being criticized for imitating the Americans. I made a quick research about the issue and found out that the only defence mechanism of the American football players was to ignore the critics. I was eager to talk to them. Eventually, we were all very happy to discuss the matter. I love the outcome! Certainly, the beautiful cinematography contributed to the film extensively.



Previous screenings

International Izmir Short Film Festival
3 Nov – 9 Nov | Izmir, Turkey
13 Nov – 19 Nov | Istanbul, Turkey
23 Apr – 30 Apr | Newport Beach, United States
Queens International Film Festival | 2009
12 Nov – 15 Nov | Rego Park, United States

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