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In a world where all is good, a wicked 19th century scientist (Dr. Leonardo Van Uitvinding) brings Evil. As he brings to life his 19 foot tall robot invention
(Bot) to take over the world, Dr. Leo readies himself for battle. He has brought life to metal in order to have metal destroy life. But Dr. Leo soon realizes that his newly born robot has no evil but rather an innocence that must be taught evil. In an unlikely tale of spirit and soul, an evil genius struggles with his very own creation of good.

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Although I had many goals in making this film, the ultimate goal was to make it memorable. An appealing story, stylized characters & environment, and strong animation are all key elements that mustcome together to a make a 3D short film successful. I never thought that when I started making Bot in 2006 that I would find myself, an animator, sacrificing my animation time in order to further develop other
elements within the film. I took off my animators hat and put on my directors hat during the journey as I worked with classes of 20+ lighters, compositors & texturers as well as a sound editor and a composer. Although I was a student making his first short film, the process helped me to become a Director. Taking on this role turned out to be a great experience: the journey itself has now become memorable (to me).



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