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Omar Saved From Cheating

Over the course of a day, Omar, a West African immigrant, encounters a typical LA diva who will not give him the time of the day, a bum who is very generous with his time, has a tryst with an emotionally unstable aspiring actress, a peculiar but insightful encounter with a high end Russian call girl, and returns back home to his estranged girlfriend, Jessica. At home he suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful. Though Omar is notorious for his exploits with other women, he values his girlfriend’s fidelity as an unconditional postulate of their relationship. And he is torn inside at the thought of her being with another man.

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New York City, winter 2006 - I was waiting in the lobby of my apartment building to catch the elevator. The elevator arrives from the basement with a middle aged white woman in it. I proceeded to enter and the lady starts to scream in absolute frenzy. I was completely taken aback. I thought I knew what fear was until I saw it in her eyes. She continued to scream and push the elevator’s indicator button simultaneously to escape me - An intimidating black man, standing 5 ft 8 inches and shy of 150 lbs - I couldn’t hurt a fly! I was angry and discombobulated.

On the verge of imploding, the elevator shuts and I am left to take the staircase. Each stride up to the ninth fl oor, I released a bit of anger. I had been in America for 10 years and that was my fi rst blatant experience with racism, I thought.

My attitude towards white people grew different. Much colder if I may. But then not even a month after the incident, I get robbed at gun point by a man of my own race. It was a scary experience and for a while, anytime I encountered someone that fi t the profi le of my assailant, my natural instinct was fear. I caught myself stereotyping - a black man in America stereotyping my fellow black men. It made me revisit the experience with the lady in the elevator and I could not help but feel her fear was not stemmed from racism, but from an actual experience with someone who might have looked like me.

These two separate experiences gave birth to “Omar Saved From Cheating.” Though this fi lm explores other themes, such as love, loneliness and intuition. I try to shed light on racism and stereotypes not based on color, but on one’s experience. It is easy to chalk everything off to racism. But sometimes I think it is important to examine the reasons why people feel a certain way towards others and from that we can start to understand and work towards healing rather than hating.




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28 Jan – 31 Jan | San Diego, United States
10 Feb – 17 Feb | Los Angeles, United States

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This film is cinematically beatiful. Story is provocative and the perfomance is great... nice to see Godfrey in a different light.

Thumbs up!
15 Jan 2010 | Anonymous

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