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Don't Ya Wanna Dance?

Mike, an arrogant, young lad returns home by bus to a block of council flats on the East side of London.

Mike can’t keep a job but has managed to maintain a steady performance with the girls. Mike arrives home to be berated by his mother. Her hand shakes constantly and she is in deep conversation with a friend at the table – but there is no-one there. Years of substance abuse have taken its toll.

The former arrogance and cockiness have faded leaving Mike to endure yet another day of mental and emotional abuse from his mother, this time complaining about the noise of his bed head banging up against her wall. “You’re flying solo a lot lately these days”. For someone who is so successful with the girls, this seems out of character. Mike tries to ignore her but the built up frustration gets the better of him and he storms off down the pub.

On arrival at the pub Mike is met by two mates playing darts which he immediately brushes off. In walks Jenny, a twenty something year old full of confidence. She knows what she wants and is going to get it. “Oo-ah, look what the cat dragged in”. The two obviously know each other but have not seen each other for a while. Jenny doesn’t waste anytime in putting her plan into action. Straight off she convinces Mike into following her out onto the dance floor.

Her hand dives straight for Mike’s crutch but is thrown when he rejects her advances. Jenny assumes Mike has gone and found himself a steady girlfriend. Not to be defeated she pursues her luring game. Despite Mike’s attempts to abstain, he succumbs and allows Jenny to lead him off into the toilets.

Once inside the cubicle Jenny is in full control teasing and arousing Mike. Fraught with indecision, Mike finally succumbs to his desires. He hands Jenny a condom, “Here, use this”. Jenny protests exclaiming that she won’t be shagging him here in the toilet – a simple blow job will suffice as she has her dignity to think about.

Don't Ya Wanna Dance with me?

Film notes

“Don’t Ya Wanna Dance” is a tale of rejection, of wanting and regret balanced with hope, inspiration and comedy – a parody of life – something familiar to us all.

The director is Mark Houghton who also wrote the screenplay. Set in the Eastern suburbs of London, the Melbourne based production is challenged by location and environment so needed a director dedicated to attention and detail to convince audiences that the film is in London. Having lived and worked in various countries for much of his life, Houghton has developed an acute sense of understanding of differences between cultures, societies, locations, people and their lifestyles. This is reflected in his body of previous work.

Leaving nothing to chance Houghton secured acclaimed stage and television actress Amanda Muggleton to play the part of the mother. Amanda trained at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her career in Australia span's 28 years' working in all media including theatre, film, TV and radio. She has appeared in leading roles for practically every major theatre company and most leading entrepreneurs.

Amanda brings more than just amazing acting ability to the production. Internationally she is most famous for her role of Chrissie Latham in the Australian drama Prisoner. In the UK Amanda is still highly sought after for interviews and guest appearances due to the popularity of her role in Prisoner even 30 years on. There is an international audience just waiting to see Amanda again.

New comer Paul Yardley, also from London, lends his ‘pommy’ accent to this Australian production with the lead role of Mike. Paul hales from a background of experimental theatre in London offset with a bit of Shakespeare here and there.

Inspired by a poem by Tim Potter, “Don’t Ya Wanna Dance?” will humour, amuse and entertain, it will confront, shock and offend but give hope, comfort and inspire. Life is reality and reality doesn’t always go to plan.


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Best Actor (Paul Yardley)
19 Aug – 27 Aug | Australia
Best Screenplay
19 Aug – 27 Aug | Australia

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19 Aug – 27 Aug | Melbourne, Australia

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