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Two well-respected scientists, Barry and Rochelle, cope with being traded on by their own company. Barry lived his most of his life at the Independent Space Company (ISC), where he met Rochelle and where they began their careers as a world-renowned engineer and chemist. ISC provides all of their employees with room and board in exchange for their scientific knowledge. Everything is great with Barry and Rochelle until they get pregnant. They instantly see a change of attitude from their colleagues, which they do not understand. Aaliyah, the head doctor, is ordered to deliver Rochelle’s baby then kill both of them at once. Barry’s witty friend, William, helps him find Rochelle, and he discovers that there is a second embryo inside of her. Time is winding down as they frantically plan an escape from ISC, William inadvertently gets caught in the crossfire. Barry and Rochelle manage to stow away in a secluded, locked down studio a few miles away from ISC. Here Rochelle gives birth to a baby boy that they soon name Drex. Drex’s true value isn’t realized until he turns six years old. The genetic maker in his DNA alerts the ISC lab and, little do they know, trouble will soon knock down their front door!

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This was the first of many projects that I embark on! It had a lot of obstacles that I had to overcome, but the key element was to always believe it would get finished... With the due date approaching I knew I had to move fast. But I could not risk quality, there are a lot of this I want to change, but as always I will take this as a much needed learning experience and mover forward. "Good problems" are needed in life, so one can step up and solve them. That's what life is about, handling your problems and moving on. This short film helped my grow greatly and it still is! I am thankful for all those who helped me on this project and made sure it was complete. -ILML
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Copyright © 2009 Mark Savage jr.

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17 Jun – 19 Jun | Philadelphia, United States

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PG-13 (United States)

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