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Living isolated in an old, abandoned house, a man is trying to survive, without realizing that he constantly balances on a thin line which separates sense from madness, life from death and love from hate.

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The film “Autosuggestion” is a cinematic attempt to target and analyze the substance of a man’s existence through the exploration of his psychic. Causes of the character’s autosuggestion are the emotions and the intense mental situations which stimulate the imagination, which in turn imposes its structures or its acts driving to outbursts and deliriums.
As for the structure, the film’s myth consists of a symbolic system, as the linear narration is turned over and the substance is transferred to the human’s interior psyche. Like separate objects, shots present the aesthetic through the pictorial description, approaching, in this way, painting and, simultaneously, verbal speech’s size and weight are annihilated. At the same time, as regards the space-time of the film, although perceptible sections are not, in particular, used, there is no interruption of the obvious succession from one shot to the other.
To sum up, I would like to mention that the main aim of my creation, regarding the viewer, is the abolition of the identification’s mechanism and the emergence of diversification succeeding, finally, in the production of independent thoughts, forcing, therefore, things
to evolution.

Vasilis Siafakas
symbolism installation




Copyright © 2008 Chrysa Kalfi, Vasilis Siafakas

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Previous screenings

International Short Film Festival in Drama
15 Sep – 20 Sep | Drama, Greece
24 Oct – 28 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
Ankara International Film Festival
12 Mar – 22 Mar | Ankara, Turkey
Ljubljana International Short Film Festival
23 Mar – 25 Mar | Ljubljana, Slovenia
Greek Fantasy Short Film Festival | 2009
4 Apr – 6 Apr | Athens, Greece
1 Sep – 6 Sep | Budapest, Hungary
flEXiff | 2009
25 Sep – 27 Sep | Auburn, Australia
Patras International Film Festival
2 Oct – 10 Oct | Patras City, Greece
Brno16 International Competitive Festival of Short Fiction Films
14 Oct – 18 Oct | Brno, Czech Republic
Fenaco: International Short Film Festival
5 Nov – 7 Nov | Cusco, Peru
6 Nov – 15 Nov | Bangkok, Thailand
10 Nov – 14 Nov | Jordan
29 Jan – 31 Jan | Jaipur, India
6th Akbank Short Film Festival | 2010
1 Mar – 11 Mar | Turkey
1 Mar – 2 Mar | Larissa, Greece
22 Jun – 27 Jun | Rodos, Greece
22 Aug – 23 Aug | Ukraine
2 Sep – 19 Sep | London, United Kingdom
First Step Film Fest | 2010
27 Oct – 31 Oct | Tirana, Albania

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