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Elena, a young woman, wanders through deserted streets. On her way to an unknown destination she encounters musicians performing a pantomime in the street, but soon she is attacked by a stranger.

When she awakens, she recognizes in this man her long standing boyfriend Joaquin. He leads her to the dance floor, but after a passionate dance he abandons her and she gets attacked again by an unknown man who emerges out of the shadows.

Confusion, happiness, anger, love, passion and resignation entangle, in a circle that only Elena may be able to break... if only she will decide to.

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There is a bit of Elena in all of us, and I believe that this is the reason that most people clearly understand the story despite its heavy reliance on symbolism, subtle references to Greek mythology and Astor Piazzola’s masterpiece “Maria de Buenos Aires”.

The story of MURIENDO unfolds on several levels. Not about weakness, not even about violence. If watched closely, one will notice that Elena is actually not even really violated – just as it is clear that Mystery Man is not even a real person. He actually stands for the demise of a part in us that we need to depart from, be it a negative trait, or a closed chapter that continues to haunt us.

Viewed from this perspective, Elena succeeds. She doesn’t die, she only lets go of what has prevented her from leading a happy life. But this is only one of the many interpretations available.

The underlying theme and basic story never changed throughout all the re-writes (some fifteen of them) ever since I used one of my own short stories to write the script for a short film. MURIENDO was my first time working with so many incredibly talented professionals on all levels at once, from the fantastic music composition by Lucio Bruno Videla to the choreographies by Jorge Bosicovich, the lighting design by Jakob Ballinger and the photography by Marco Zimprich.

I hope that you'll be passionate in watching it as much as we were, in making it.

A.K. Lee
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Previous screenings

Film Premiere, Filmhauskino Spittelberg | 2008
18 Jan | Vienna, Austria
6 May – 6 Jul | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 Nov – 23 Nov | Sopot, Poland
27 Nov – 29 Nov | Warsaw, Poland

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G (Austria)

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