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Once Back Home

3 children, who make up a family, yet, not officially a family, but one of bowl cuts and bad jumpers, wings and guiding stars, carry with them the spirits of those who pick them up and take them in, in the minds of individuals.

Film notes

Set in country Victoria, “Once Back Home” is a 5min drama/fantasy film that challenges the trust of lonely hearts and displays the innocence of love.

Inspired by the films of Scottish director Lynne Ramsey, Once Back Home aims to reflect the major theme of the fragilities of childhood, channeling the rich traditions of UK cinema. Allowing the audience into melancholic imaginative mind of the Old Man.
Displaying tender, naïve, and raw sexual experience, that signifies the stripping of innocence rather than the hormonal changes. The main protagonist Felix, further displays the theme- at what point in time does a child have to “grow up”?

Once Back Home will offer its audience many layers, as a writer/director, the interest is to see in what hierarchy the themes are perceived by the audience. It aims to represent perception, imagination, loneliness and melancholy, when one realizes that mind and body are not in harmony and imagination can only keep you company for so long.

Once Back Home was a very personal project for me, from pre to post production. All my writings are heavily influenced by a myriad of common themes and poetry of the mind, my mind.
As a director I am fascinated by stunning locations and non-actors.
I wished for Once Back Home to cut into the raw sense of childhood, and make people get back to where they once belonged, or didn't.

"Children are the most cinematic creatures there are" - Tomas Alfredson
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Copyright © 2009 Sage Butler

Previous screenings

RMIT Screen and Media Showcase and Awards | 2009
3 Dec | Melbourne, Australia

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