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Dovunque, Adesso

Weird events tangling during the night, characters whose lives meet and clash through capturing, devastating brush acys and revenges.

A rock band after a concert, a boss and his henchmen, a child, two young lost girls, a hotel keeper and a waitress.

A sensational development surprisingly evolving on concurrences and turnovers. A strange night after which nothing and nobody will ever be as before the sunset. The sun rises.

May guilt hide behind ostensible innocence?

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Director’s Statement

Dovunque Adesso comes from the wish of telling a night’s story.

The story of weird emblematic characters whose lives get entwined into a hotel. Strange but simple events bring to light thoughts and emotions of the characters through their personal attitude and behaviour towards those crossing their paths.

The screenplay evolves through parallel stories that take turns, ones over the others: rock music is here seen as the root of the whole project, love as protection and hate as renunciation. The movie depicts the dramatic and grotesque aspects of violence, the stolen or demanded kisses and hugs, the defeat that generally leads to terror.

Stories that move through doors, rooms, corridors and a white bag. Stories that burst into the overwhelming and irresistibile desire that we all have, at one point, of escaping.
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7 Nov – 14 Nov | Bari, Italy

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