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Silent Snow

In the seemingly pure plains of the Arctic a group of experienced Inuit starts out on a dangerous dog-sledge expedition through their barren land. But while the global warming and disappearing icebergs are problems they can perceive directly, the pollution of their land remains a hard to imagine threat.

Interwoven with the polar expedition, Silent Snow follows a young Greenlandic woman on her journey all around the world to find the local causes of the contamination which is quietly poisoning her people.

In different continents she meets the people behind the sources of pollution and discovers the heartbreaking dilemmas that lie at the heart of it. For example in Africa, where some people are looking for alternatives for DDT, however its grey poisonous clouds are a cheap way of saving millions of lives in malaria prevention. The disastrous health issues that result on the long term are conveniently put aside. In the US fish from the Anacostia River is all the poor local black community can afford, and they have no choice but to ignore the warnings from concerned researchers.

While the Inuit would rather deny the problem at hand, it has become her difficult task to convince them of its severity. And while the expedition members’ wellbeing is subject to the condition of their environment, it becomes increasingly clear that their lives are not the only ones at risk in the delicate entanglement of nature and mankind.



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6 Nov – 15 Nov | Zaragoza, Spain

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