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The Green Tie Affair

Hickey Pine is a puppet living in a human world. Every day, he sports a flashy green necktie and receives nothing but great compliments from his friends and neighbors. One day, an admirer of his, Vixie, takes a snapshot of Hickey wearing his green tie and publishes it in a local newspaper. Days go by and Hickey begins to notice that everyone around him is now wearing a green tie on a regular basis, causing Hickey to go into a state of depression, rudely rejecting Vixie's harmless advances towards him. At the height of his depression, Hickey is kidnapped by the villainous Miss Plaid and her less-than-enthusiastic assistant Roo. Miss Plaid, whose goal in life is to increase people's interest in plaid, explains how the community's fascination with green ties will soon get old, allowing them to turn to her for fashion advice. Hickey realizes that he is a role model of sorts and escapes Miss Plaid's clutches with the intention of making up with Vixie. Finally, Hickey explains to Vixie through song how important she is in in life.

Film notes

'The Green Tie Affair' is a short musical about accepting your identity. I made "The Green Tie Affair" with the intention to reach out to young people who have yet to accept their identity. The puppet protagonist in this film is voiced by Hawaii's first American Idol, Jordan Segundo, who makes a living doing inspirational speaking for students throughout Hawaii, encouraging them to stay in school, stay away from drugs and to never give up in striving to reach for their goals, making "The Green Tie Affair" the perfect vehicle for his cause. Whilst providing quality entertainment through catchy musical numbers, humor and suspense, "The Green Tie Affair" serves as an inspiration for audiences to discover their uniqueness.

Jordan Segundo provides the speaking and singing voice of the film's title character, Hickey Pine, a green-tie wearing, blue-skinned puppet. Jordan Segundo achieved national recognition in the most popular television show of the year - "American Idol". Seventy-Five Thousand singers from across the nation auditioned in 2003 and Jordan was the First Singer from Hawaii selected as a Finalist in Season Two.



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14 Oct – 24 Oct | Honolulu, United States

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