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101 Damnations

When they killed Man's Best Friend, Man found a new best friend: Revenge. In search of vengeance, a relentless man carves a path of destruction where nothing will stand in his way. Beware, this dog bites.

A Hitman returns to his former employer in order to seek vengeance on behalf of his best friend, his dog. Even though his boss tries to make amends by giving him a new puppy, the Hitman cannot be swayed in his mission to avenge the death of his dog. Now, he must make a daring escape while protecting his new puppy and killing anyone who stands in his way.

In the midst of a hailstorm of bullets and with trained killers bearing down on him, he must keep his senses keen and his puppy close by if he plans to make it out alive.

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Director's Statement:

Every time I approach a project I ask myself, “Is this a film I would want to see?” This is an important question for a couple of reasons. First off, if I don’t want to see it then who would? Secondly, if the film doesn’t interest me then it probably isn’t a good idea to sink a year of my life into creating it.

101 Damnations was something I truly wanted to see as well as create. It was an opportunity to take on the action genre, which has been very important to me since my childhood. I wanted to make 101 Damnations not only for myself but I wanted something that was just pure fun for audiences.

Of all the film projects I’ve created or have been involved with over the years, I believe that 101 Damnations is the project that represents who I am as a filmmaker and a person the most.

101 Damnations was a chance for me to really challenge myself by creating a film much larger in scope and premise than any of my previous works. Initial reactions to the script were not as reassuring as I had hoped. Friends and colleagues alike all loved the script but thought the project was so ambitious that it couldn’t be done on such a small budget in such a small amount of time.

While this wasn’t exactly the advice I was hoping to hear, it encouraged me to put all my efforts into making this project the best film possible. It was an opportunity to prove everyone wrong and show the potential of what this film could and would be.

With the help of an amazing cast and crew, I believe we have accomplished this feat. 101 Damnations is a film that I am truly proud to have been a part of and I am very excited to present it to audiences around the world.

- Dan Allen
revenge vengeance violence kill death gun hitman dog puppy puppies shoot




Copyright © 2008 Dan Allen

Previous screenings

St Louis Filmmaker's Showcase | 2008
21 Jul – 26 Jul | St Louis, United States
Piasa Film Festival | 2008
25 Oct | Edwardsville, United States
13 Nov – 23 Nov | St. Louis, United States
26 Mar – 28 Mar | Boone, United States
22 Apr – 26 Apr | Kansas City, United States

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