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Every evening, India and Pakistan’s only border crossing along the 3323 km frontier between India and Pakistan
becomes the site of an extraordinary event: Border guards on both sides orchestrate a parade to lower the
flags. Thousands of people gather to witness the ritual and afterwards the masses move as close to the gate as
possible to greet their former neighbours.
The film looks through the eyes of three children who live in Attari, the Indian village closest to the border. They
go to the border to sell DVDs of the parade to the onlookers and earn money for their own education. With a
dream of crossing the border they remain quite unmoved by all the ‘patriotic’ madness around them.

Film notes

I am coming from a refugee family that has suffered immensely during the partition of India in 1947. Massacres,
rapes and abductions followed in the wake of partition, leading to the migration of 15 million people. I could
never accept borders that prevented me from going back to my homeland, my roots. I wanted to give voice to
the silent sufferings of the refugees. I wanted to talk about the ongoing conflicts that still bleed their hearts. My
previous films "Way Back Home"(2003) search for the lost land, "Hope Dies Last in War"(2007), deals with
ongoing conflict. Now "Wagah"(2009) tries to blur the border through cinema – the wildest dream I always
india pakistan border wall parade flag separation


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Previous screenings

14 May – 20 May | Vienna, Austria
Filmfestival Muenster
7 Oct – 11 Oct | Münster, Germany
11 Mar – 14 Mar | Gympie, Australia
5 May – 9 May | Timisoara, Romania
4 May – 8 May | Grande Prairie, Canada

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