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The Enduring Call

California's Salton Sea, the vast inland lake that was once a paradise of biodiversity, is now an ecological netherworld where nature stuggles to exist. When a beautiful young eco-activist (Katrina Nelson) travels there to investigate a sudden and mysterious disappearance of endangered wildlife, she enlists the help of a science teacher and ex-boyfriend (Kayvon Esmaili). Together, they uncover the terrifying secret of the waters, unlock the passion still in their hearts, and risk everything in a haunting encounter with unpredictable forces.

Film notes

Director Fritz Feick (Los Angeles) first settled on the Salton Sea, which is anything but… the only place to be (local bumper sticker). The vast inland lake, which was once a paradise of biodiversity, has become an ecological wasteland where nature struggles to exist. It was the perfect setting for Feick's harrowing romance that followed the journey of a beautiful young eco-activist (Katrina Nelson) who travels there to investigate a sudden and mysterious disappearance of endangered wildlife.
Feick shot the Enduring Call over a long weekend, and was the producer, writer, director, D.P. and editor on the project. The Enduring Call had no crew—just myself with a camera, a battery of Coleman lamps, and some truly haunting locations. We lost our hair stylist the first night. When I hiked back to the cars from the beach, she had simply vanished. Apparently, she couldn't get back to civilization fast enough. So much for hair and make-up!

Don't be misled by the looseness of Feick's approach. His shoot required weeks of scouting. He sought to portray a vanishing America, a soulless landscape of complex beauty—one step from desolation. He chose to shoot in an unique color palette (yellow and green), and spent the next two months collecting stacks of green and yellow bottles, toothpaste, breath mints and such. The green camera car was a weekend loaner from a friend, and I put all the clothes on credit cards—which raised a few eyebrows when he returned all of them to stores neatly folded after the shoot.

As a director, I found that working alone with the actors in such a remote and god-forsaken environment had the inverse effect of creating an unusual ease in bringing the two characters to life.

Composer Steven Sacco drew upon some of the world's best performers, including Steven Isserlis, CBE (Order of the British Empire), one of the world's most renowned living cellists, who ripped an astonishing solo, which is the heart and soul of The Enduring Call.
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16 Apr – 25 Apr | Houston, United States
13 May – 22 May | Cannes, France
22 Aug – 28 Aug | Garden Grove, United States
Napa - Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival | 2009
17 Sep – 27 Sep | Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley, United States
23 Oct – 25 Oct | Hollywood, United States

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