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Nothing Like Her

At the intersection of loss and creativity, one woman finds how profound loss can resonate through even the earliest memories and affect the creative process. She explores the human need to leave a trace of the self to mark the passage through life, to leave something behind--even though she had always been told to leave “nothing like her” in the world.

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I have heard it said that deeply personal films are just therapy and that animation is not the medium for a deeply personal film, or even a true story. Rubbish.
"Nothing Like Her" represents three years during which life was, to quote the John Lennon song, happening to me "while I was busy making other plans." It started out like that anyway. I had planned to make a film called "Untouched of God" about growing up with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, about how my self-concept was changed forever when I was taken to a "healing service" at around age nine and was told it didn't work because I was carrying the sins of my parents. Knowing what a legendary tearaway my father had supposedly been I looked at one of the elders who had prayed over me and said: "If that were true, I'd be in traction."
Originally, the film was 3D, but when it was about half completed, I suffered an early miscarriage. I felt that my body had betrayed me, as if all the times I was told not to have children because they would be "like me" --or worse -- suddenly chimed up in unison with a definitive biological "told you so!" I told two female friends and lost them both. Like the outdated cautionary tales about rape, if it happened to me I must have done something to bring it on. Through grief I felt anger at this unspoken and false taboo and though I worked diligently on the "old film" all that heartbreaking summer, by then I knew I had changed and the story, as well as the style, would have to change too. 3D was too certain, too solid for me, I needed a look that was more organic and ephemeral, so I developed a digital paint-on-glass style and reworked the entire film. I decided to use the 3D film within the new one, so I bookended the story arc with a 2D character working on a 3D film. Dedicated to my daughter and the women who have known such loss and felt they had to bear the emptiness in silence.
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Previous screenings

2 Feb | Ancaster, Canada
7 Feb – 11 Feb | Calgary, Canada
26 Feb – 5 Mar | Kamloops, Canada
27 Mar | South Beach, United States
22 Apr – 26 Apr | Kelowna, Canada
1 Jul – 4 Jul | Bushnell, United States
4 Sep – 13 Sep | Tricase, Italy
17 Sep – 26 Sep | Halifax, Canada
18 Sep – 26 Sep | Norwich, United Kingdom
27 Sep | Modesto, United States
Indie Can Film Festival | 2009
2 Oct – 4 Oct | Woodbridge, Canada
2 Oct – 4 Oct | New York, United States
23 Oct – 25 Oct | Baltimore, United States
30 Dec | Los Angeles, United States
AnimaBasauri: Basauri-Bizkaia International Animation Festival
23 Apr – 30 Apr | Bilbao, Spain
21 Jun – 27 Jun | New Hope, United States

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