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Hu Xi

A deadly, airborne virus has transformed the world, and people are obliged by law to wear masks at all times. A young woman who realizes her time is running out, decides to enjoy a final day with the boy she likes.

Film notes

RESPIRE evolved out of the image of a couple making love with masks on.
Even though the SARS epidemic has faded from our collective memory, this image lingered in my head for a long time and many questions were raised. What happens when masks become an inevitable feature of human life? Will the mouth become only a sound machine? What happens when you can’t kiss while making love? How can people interact when we can only see half of each other’s faces?

From this particular image and series of questions, a story emerged.




Copyright © 2005 Wi-Ding HO

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Previous screenings

Cannes Film Festival
11 May – 22 May | Cannes, France
20 Jul – 7 Aug | Melbourne, Australia
São Paulo International Short Film Festival
25 Aug – 3 Sep | São Paulo, Brazil
Montréal World Film Festival
26 Aug – 5 Sep | Montréal, Canada
International Short Film Festival in Drama
18 Sep – 24 Sep | Drama, Greece
6 Oct – 14 Oct | Busan, Korea, South
Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia
9 Oct – 18 Oct | Sitges, Spain
19 Oct – 3 Nov | London, United Kingdom
Stockholm Film Festival
17 Nov – 27 Nov | Stockholm, Sweden
25 Jan – 5 Feb | Rotterdam, Netherlands
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
27 Jan – 4 Feb | Clermont-Ferrand, France
17 Feb – 27 Feb | Bangkok, Thailand
Granada International Short Film Festival
1 Apr – 9 Apr | Granada, Spain
Almería en corto: International Short Film Festival
23 May – 3 Jun | Almería, Spain
24 Jun – 9 Jul | Taipei, Taiwan
FIB International Short Film Festival
20 Jul – 23 Jul | Madrid, Spain
Imago International Young Film Festival | 2006
30 Sep – 8 Oct | Fundão, Portugal

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PG (Taiwan)

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