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Pigeon: Impossible

A rookie CIA agent is on his very first field assignment. On a cozy street in Washington D.C., Walter Beckett, receives a high tech spy briefcase. Trouble begins when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside the gadget-ridden briefcase and begins to wreak havoc on Walter and nearby pedestrians. The chaos is nearly halted by Walter, until the pigeon manages to hit one last control, launching a nuclear missile that Walter must stop before it reaches its destination.

Film notes

The film was created for virtually no budget by a small team in Austin, Texas and took nearly five years to complete.



Awards and nominations

Audience Choice Award
10 Sep – 17 Sep | United States
Best Professional Film
6 Feb – 28 Mar | India
Best Direction
6 Feb – 28 Mar | India

Previous screenings

10 Sep – 17 Sep | Washington, United States
Audience Choice Award
6 Feb – 28 Mar | Mumbai, India
Best Professional Film
Best Direction
Anirmau: Didactic Animation Film Festival
25 Apr – 30 Apr | Lalín (Pontevedra), Spain

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21 December 2010
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