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At ratzit laasot seret?

A complex relationship between Gali, born disabled and the couple, Zehava, a polio victim and Oren, a folk dancer, son of disabled parents who decide to put on a dance performance together.

Film notes

I began to look for a subject for my final film project and just then my nephew was born. I started to think about how I could raise a child, with my disability and I began to take an interest in handicapped people who had raised children. I met Zehava Padnes, a polio victim , a mother of 2 children dreaming of dancing and Oren Braier, a young man who specialized in folk dance, who, since childhood, had watched his father dance in a wheelchair.
Zehava and Oren dreamed of putting on a unique, joint dance performance in which they would do the impossible. They suggested that I make a film about their dance performance. I began the process with great enthusiasm. I came to their rehearsals and performances. It wasn’t easy. I was helped by friends and by my mother, who supported me, but sometimes interfered too much. As time went by, my relations with the dancing couple encountered difficulties. The mounting tension, as the date of the main performance of Zehava and Oren approached, resulted in their barring me from filming the premiere of the performance they had dreamed about. Two years passed. I decided to go back to the film. During the editing, I realized that I had to meet the couple and watch the film together with them. After much hesitation, and discussion with my mother, who confronted me with the question: “You wanted to make a film?” I decided to go to Haifa. With my heart pounding, I made it to Zehava’s door. What will happen now? How will the film end?

Gali Weintraub born in Israel, 28 August 1978. She was born handicapped.
Graduated Camera Obscura school of art, film department. Her focus is on making projects with disabled people, making dreams come true.
final project diploma film "At ratzit laasot seret" supported by "Snunit" foundation radio and television authority and Rabinowitz art foundation.
dance disability human rights dreams come true




Copyright © 2007 Gali Weintraub

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Previous screenings

12 Mar – 18 Mar | Lunel, France
24 Mar – 30 Mar | Kiev, Ukraine
3 Apr – 6 Apr | Madison, United States
23 Apr – 27 Apr | Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany
Brazilian Student Film Festival
20 Aug | Brazil
8 Oct – 15 Oct | Madrid, Spain
23 Oct – 9 Nov | Vilnius, Lithuania
24 Oct – 28 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
29 Oct – 2 Nov | Detroit, United States
1 Nov – 8 Nov | Hamilton, Canada
Documenta: Documentary Platform
5 Nov – 8 Nov | Quito, Ecuador
7 Nov – 9 Nov | North Hollywood, United States
Fenaco: International Short Film Festival
13 Nov – 15 Nov | Cusco, Peru
15 Nov – 17 Nov | Lisbon, Portugal
Human in Danger: National Media Festival
19 Nov – 22 Nov | Łodz, Poland
26 Nov – 1 Dec | Warsaw, Poland
Off Cinema: International Film Festival
27 Nov – 30 Nov | Poznan, Poland
4 Dec – 10 Dec | Singapore
Stalker International Film Festival
10 Dec – 15 Dec | Moscow, Russia

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