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Serum 1831

Robert Lee has confessed to the murder of his best friend and colleague Andrew Walker, and his wife Alice. But the officer investigating the case, Detective Love, has trouble believing his motive. Robert claims that they killed him first.

Through flashbacks we learn that Robert and his partner Andrew are brilliant genetic scientists working on a secret research project to develop accelerated healing for the military. What they discover is something completely unexpected - a way to bring back the dead.

Robert realizes the danger of the discovery and wants to shut down the project and destroy the research, hoping it will never see the light of day. Andrew, however has other plans for his serum. He is taken over by visions of fame and greed and will not stop until his dreams are realized.

Detective Love remains skeptical to Robert's story. But in the end, Robert does something that will leave Detective Love with only one choice...and that is to believe

Film notes

As I was reading this script originally titled “Dead”, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between this story and the classic tale of Frankenstein. In many ways, these stories are similar; the “mad” scientist, the creature brought back to life after his death, and the ethical conflict about playing “god”. It is with these similarities in mind that I have decided to change the title of this film to Serum 1831, and to that effect, I would like to present this story as an homage to the classic story first published in 1831, with a modern day twist.

I believe I achieved my goal in setting the tone for this film as a simple contrast between life and death, with an undertone mimicking the ethical struggle between the beliefs of today’s society and that of the corporate world, where profits reign supreme.

Ultimately I wanted to make a short film that was a complete package, meaning a distinct beginning, middle and a real ending. No big moral message, but something strong on entertainment. Something that will take the viewer away from the mundane everyday, if only for 15 minutes.

This short film was a real treat to direct. The performers were spectacular, and brought to life the characters in a way that I couldn’t imagine. The crew was outstanding, donating a complete weekend of their time to make my vision a reality. The chance to utilize the resources and expertise in post-production usually reserved for multi-million dollar productions was the icing on the cake. All of these people pulling together to bring my vision to life is truly an experience I will cherish forever, and one that speaks for itself in the final product of Serum 1831.
zombie murder crime drama


Copyright © 2009 Silver Dolphin Films

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Previous screenings

25 Sep – 3 Oct | Edmonton, Canada
26 Sep – 27 Sep | Riverbank, United States
17 Apr – 25 Apr | Sacramento, United States
23 Apr – 25 Apr | West Chester, United States
6 May – 15 May | Santa Cruz, United States
6 Oct – 10 Oct | Hollywood, United States

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