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Besides her daily work, mother Doina tries to manage the renovation of the family’s apartment. Her son Alex can hardly find any time for both the renovation and his girlfriend as the deadline for his Master’s thesis comes close. His grandmother Flori insists to help the family although her support is not always welcome.

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Director´s statement:
The idea of this project is to show that even if everything seems well on the outside, there are more or less justified tensions in every family. The main characters are Flori (a seventy-year-old lady), Doina (her daughter, 45-50) and Alex (Doina’s son, 22 years old). The three of them have the purpose and, yet, a problem: to do their best for the family, even if their acts are not always welcomed and appreciated.
The political and social context enables the creation of savoury characters. Take Flori, for instance, who during communism learnt to collect and not throw away empty milk bags, shopping bags and casseroles. I will show a special scenography of this Balkan city where there is a lot of aggression, starting with the buildings and ending with the way people park their cars on the sideway (this makes a reference to how people are: aggressive). The renovation of the communist flat with modern furniture and accessories is nothing else than an attempt to mask and beautify something that is deep down in our identity. The contrast between old and new, between the communist past and the capitalist future, will be also explored.
This is a motif which cannot be avoided in a city like Bucharest.

Producer´s statement:
In this sense, the film shows that a Renovation does not necessarily have good effects only, but that it can also worsen the situation in some important respects. The “pursuit of happiness” in the American capitalistic way actually puts continuous pressure on people and makes them more individualistic and self-centered. In Renovation, people like Flori, for instance, who grew up in a society in which the family was the main centre of life, have trouble in finding the right place for themselves’ in a modern capitalistic society. One can see as well that the pressure to perform within this kind of society keeps people from spending time with each other, from socializing and, most of all, from empathizing with each other.
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