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Arthur, a young con man, kills his longtime girlfriend Tasha in order to rob her possessions and elope with another girl. As Arthur is packing to leave, he is confronted by a mysterious women.

At first Arthur believe it is Tasha, the girl he has just finished killing. Arthur notices his gun on the bed, and he decides to finish the job - this time the right way. However, the mysterious woman is faster. She grabs Arthur by his throat causing him to pass out.

Arthur wakes up in a basement. The mysterious woman appears, and forces Arthur to confess his crime into a tape recorder. A scared Arthur asks the mysterious woman what she wants with him, and he jumps back when she takes out his own gun.

She tell him to take the gun. Arthur takes advantage of the dangling gun, jumps up, and grabs the gun. He shoots the mysterious woman on the shoulder, but he quickly discovers that this isn't just an ordinary woman...she's a vampire.
The woman grabs Arthur's throat, but realizes that in order for her to see retribution, she must use her vampire hypnotic powers and have Arthur commit suicide. She forces Arthur to pick up the gun, and shoot himself.

The mysterious woman is actually Tanya, the sister of Tasha. Tanya has come to help Tasha, but she is too late; therefore, decides to seek ret

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"Nemesis" is an HDV vampire/sci fi short series intended for the internet. The story follows Tasha, a young lady who has recently been turned into a vampire. However, after her twin sister is murdered, Tasha has regrets about being a vampire, and thinks about going back home. When Alex (her maker) tries to teach her a lesson by kidnapping her father, and forcing her to kill him, Tasha becomes furious and decides to wage war on the vampire community.
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