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Another film about dying?

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A number of documentaries on the subject of death and dying are produced in Switzerland every year. The usually highly emotional films appeal to the audience and are often showered with awards at film festivals. „Sensitive“, „subtle“ and „never voyeuristic“ are the catchwords of the film award laudations.
Therefore, the young filmmakers Simon Baumann and Adreas Pfiffner see the opportunity to achieve success with a subtle short documentary about death. They hurl themselves into the project with great enthusiasm and put themselves under substantial pressure to succeed. Will their film be as emotional and moving as its precursors? In order to get highly emotional statements from the persons interviewed in the film, the two young filmmakers are willing to do nearly everything. Thus, the overly motivated alter egos of the filmmakers unwillingly hinder a deeper examination of the subject of dying. They constantly interrupt their camera-inexperienced interviewees and push them into making more emotional statements. Comic and nearly grotesque does it get, once the filmmakers direct the interviewees to cry.
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There’s hardly a documentary nowadays that goes without crying protagonists. It is generally assumed that these emotional films are made by sensitive filmmakers. The short film Emozioniere shows that the making of an empathetic film can be quite cynical and that not only in Hollywood great emotions are often the result of cool calculation.

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7 Oct – 11 Oct | Bangkok | Bern | Buenos Aires | Cairo | Cape Town | Hong Kong | Moscow | San Joséé, Switzerland
Curtocircuíto: International Short Film Festival
10 Oct – 17 Oct | Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Solothurn Film Festival
21 Jan – 28 Jan | Solothurn, Switzerland
European Film Festival of Lille
26 Feb – 5 Mar | Lille, France
29 Apr – 9 May | Brussels, Belgium
15 May – 20 May | Ingolstadt, Germany
30 Jun – 4 Jul | Zabok, Croatia
Lago Film Fest
23 Jul – 31 Jul | Lago, Italy
12 Aug – 16 Aug | Weiterstadt, Germany
23 Aug – 28 Aug | Odense, Denmark
2 Oct – 9 Oct | Eberswalde, Germany
Filmets: Badalona International Short Film Festival
5 Nov – 13 Nov | Badalona, Spain
Brest European Short Film Festival
8 Nov – 14 Nov | Brest, France
11 Nov – 13 Nov | Bolzano, Italy
16 Nov – 20 Nov | Namur, Belgium
3 Dec – 7 Dec | Aguilar de Campoo, Spain
International Short Film Week Regensburg
16 Mar – 23 Mar | Regensburg, Germany
25 May – 29 May | Paris, France
26 May – 1 Jun | Vienna, Austria

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23 May 2010
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