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Arif, Meliha and their daughter Aslı live in a village. Arif and his family earn their living by selling milk and egg. Aslı is pseudohermaphrodite. When she was born, her external genital view was like a female's so she was brought up in that way. However, her genital organ turned into male genitalia at puberty and her body structure took a state of a male’s because of these reasons she wants to live with male gender identity. Aslı hasn’t told anything about this situation to her father and mother because she is afraid of her father. Because Arif doesn’t want to work, Aslı goes to the city center to sell eggs everyday. She reaches the highway by walking long-distance and then goes to city by hitch-hiking. Aslı hides her clothes near a lake on the road that she walks. She changes out of her clothes there every day and goes to the city like a male. Her parent assumes that she brings money to home by selling eggs to the markets but she gains money by robbery. She throws off the eggs somewhere or the lake near which she changes out of her clothes. She always steals the wallets of the men by that way she revenges on them whom she envies sneakingly because she is obliged to live in the village and she coudn’t live with male identity so she makes plan to escape home and go to far places. However; Aslı couldn’ t realize her plan somehow because of her fear and conscience against her mother. One day, Aslı was coming home from the city, she saw a man that was wearing a suit and holding flowers and there was a man and a woman near him. She understood that they came to ask for Aslı to marry their son. She had no other choice but to realize escape plan. She went to railway terminal straightaaway and left for uncertainty.




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