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Silêncio 63

Forty-seven years after a bloody encounter between workers in strike from a steel factory in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the military forces, a city saw, first hand, the final rehearsal of a coup d'état that would take place shortly after and smother the country for 21 years.

Film notes

This story is told with a brush of stillness and the eloquence of silence.

Set deep in the Steel Valley of Minas Gerais, the town of Ipatinga fills in the blanks of what it quietly kept back in hiding with passive silence. Almost 50 years after the tragic incident of 1963, one that would later be known as “Ipatinga Massacre”, Fábio Nascimento aims his camera at the unsaid under which his generation was brought up and from which he has escaped. He began to disengage himself from this atmosphere of silence in his adolescence, when he first learned about the massacre – back then just rumors among high school friends. It was unspoken at school. There was no talk of it at home. Films never mentioned it.

In possession of a sole photograph, Fábio decides to pay closer attention. And he decides to ask around, driven more by the non-said, so many years later, than by the incident itself. In truth, “Ipatinga Massacre” had been the result of a bloody encounter between the military forces and workers from Usiminas steel factory, back on October 7th 1963. The event would later be directly tied to the military coup d’état that would wipe the elected government out of office the following year, on March 31st 1964. A young city then, Ipatinga was emancipated four weeks after the coup and spread around the factory – its pulsatile core. Those who witnessed what happened on that day are still around, living in the same houses. Houses in which silence resides.
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Copyright © 2011 Fábio Nascimento

Awards and nominations

Best Director
4 Oct – 9 Oct | Brazil

Previous screenings

11 May – 21 May | Cannes, France
Mediterranean Film Festival
22 Aug – 27 Aug | Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Film Forum Zadar: International Film Festival | 2011
23 Aug – 30 Aug | Zadar, Croatia
Sintetitza: Pyrenees International Short Film Festival
18 Sep – 25 Sep | Berga, Spain
Norrkoping Film Festival Flimmer | 2011
30 Sep – 9 Oct | Norrköping, Sweden
4 Oct – 9 Oct | Goiânia, Brazil
Best Director
Mostra Cinema e Direitos Humanos da América do Sul | 2011
10 Oct – 29 Nov | Brazil
Le Mois du Film Documentaire | 2011
1 Nov – 30 Nov | France
8 Nov – 14 Nov | Tehran, Iran
28 Nov – 3 Dec | Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Muestra de Cortometrajes por la Identidad Catalunya | 2011
30 Nov – 2 Dec | Barcelona, Spain
6 Dec – 10 Dec | Habana, Cuba
International Environmental Film Festival
7 Feb – 14 Feb | Paris, France
13 Feb – 15 Feb | Calgary, Canada

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10 October 2011
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