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A man works on the 33rd floor of a tall office building. Each day he takes the elevator to the 26th floor, then, climbs the remaining seven flights of stairs to his place of work. Why?

Daniel is an English dwarf bicycle courier living alone on deserted wasteland in the outskirts of Barcelona. Each day he rises and embarks on a routine of exercise, breakfast and a daily ride into the city. Yet, hurtful and disparaging remarks with the occasional stare, weigh heavily on this little man’s shoulders.

On one quite normal, hot sunny day, Daniel finds himself arriving at one particular office building three times in succession. Daniel sees an opportunity to strike up a relationship with a young receptionist Sara, whom, he thinks may be different. But first, he must first encounter the elevator, and get to the 33rd floor without losing face.

Things don’t go to plan and Daniel takes solace on a seemingly deserted, isolated beach. Later, by chance, Daniel comes across Ana and her blind Mother, at a nearby café, who’s direct lack of tact, suggest Daniel should consider, that maybe some of his problems are self inflicted.
barcelona dwarf lift bicycle




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Previous screenings

Milan International Film Festival
10 May – 19 May | Milan, Italy
20 Jun – 27 Jun | Sofia, Bulgaria
International Film Festival Thailand | 2009
10 Jul – 19 Jul | Patong, Thailand
28 Aug – 6 Sep | Strasbourg & St Pete Beach, United States
4 Sep – 13 Sep | Tricase, Italy
5 Sep – 7 Sep | Seattle, United States
Oldenburg International Film Festival
16 Sep – 20 Sep | Oldenburg, Germany
1 Oct – 9 Oct | Bogotá, Colombia
Warsaw International Film Festival
9 Oct – 18 Oct | Warsaw, Poland
22 Oct – 29 Oct | Austin, United States
Molodist: Kyiv International Film Festival
24 Oct – 1 Nov | Kyiv, Ukraine
Interfilm: International Short Film Festival Berlin
3 Nov – 8 Nov | Berlin, Germany
4 Nov – 16 Nov | Leeds, United Kingdom
5 Nov – 10 Nov | Korea, South
5 Nov – 15 Nov | Luton, United Kingdom
15 Apr – 22 Apr | Nashville, United States
20 Apr – 25 Apr | Rincón, Puerto Rico
27 Apr – 2 May | Manchester, United Kingdom
21 Jul – 30 Jul | London, United Kingdom
27 Aug – 28 Aug | Gudhjem, Denmark

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Love it! Love the creative application of music, cinematography and script.
4 Aug 2009 | Anonymous

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12 (United Kingdom)

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