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Eye For a Tooth

Eye for a Tooth is an intense drama that explores love, rape, death, and punishment. The contrasts between nature and the big city; light and dark; and good and evil that permeate this story accentuate these themes; but Colin MacIntyre’s crime of beating a rapist to death is not so easily categorized.

Incarcerated and facing charges of manslaughter, he meets with his public defender, Jayne, who views him as a hero and will fight to reduce his sentence. He retells the events of his fateful night when he met Jordan, a young waitress in a San Francisco café.
They like friends, but their conversation prompts memories of his tragic past. When her shift is over, Jordan leaves and Colin stays for a while longer. He later discovers her being raped in the alley behind the café.

When the rapist flees the scene, Colin chases after him. He pursues the fleeing rapist into a secluded park. In this natural environment he is isolated from the lights and sounds of the city and is left to deal with the rapist with no external influences. He beats the rapist to death in front of a caged panther.

Afraid of what he has become and certain he will kill again, Colin struggles to keep himself incarcerated. Jayne demands he plead self defense to reduce his sentence. Neither of the two will compromise. It isn’t until Jordan visits him in jail, that Colin reveals his motivation for killing and why he must stay in jail.

Film notes

Eye for a Tooth is a Do It Yourself production made on a micro budget with home made equipment, and no one was paid for their talent. Passion is what drove the cast and crew to create a great story with the potential to touch audiences with an emotionally charged tale and make them think about what it would be like to be in the same situation. Film makers are god-like in that we create worlds and decide the fate of our characters. We portray people in trying situations that illustrate and investigate the human condition. Eye for a Tooth does just that. It shows how we love and how we hate; how we kill and let live; how we laugh and how we cry; and how we suffer and how we prevail.

Eye for a Tooth is a labor of love, taking nearly five years to complete. A year was spent writing the script. Another year was spent on tests, pre-production, and planning. And nearly three years was spent on shooting and post production.

From its inception, Eye For a Tooth is a feature length concept. However, considering time and budget constraints, the cast and crew, in pre-production, decided the most effective way to realize the story's true potential was to create a short film that captured the story's intensity, drama, and controversy as a means to acquire the financing required for the feature.

The film was shot on location at Griffith Park in Los Angeles; Café' Mason, Gold Street, and various locations in San Francisco; the Alameda County Jail in Oakland; the California Shakespeare Theater in Berkeley; Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA; and other locations in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. It was shot on HD using the Panasonic HVX 200 with a Red Rock Micro lens adapter.

Eye For a Tooth is just one example of the quality stories that are coming out of the Do It Yourself Film Making Movement, the next generation of film makers.
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