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The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

A journalist, nearly dropped by her agent because her work is too smart, political, lesbian and feminist, goes undercover as a glitter-wearing, shoe-obsessed, Cosmo-drinking straight girl.

Film notes

A note from creator, Carmen Elena Mitchell:

The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else was born of a classic “Girls Night” out, complete with overpriced cocktails and a chick flick. My friends Reena Dutt (Sydney) and Vivian Nickerson (the inspiration for the character of Vanna) and I had all gone to see the movie version of Sex and the City and afterwards got into a discussion about “chick flicks” and “chick-literature” and whether or not this genre really represented us. Where were the women of color? Where were the women who read books (besides self-help and romances)? Where were the women who had better things to do than max out their credit card, trying to find Mr. Right in a mad-quest to procreate before menopause? Where were the women who didn’t fantasize about their wedding day, but rather their first Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross? (Okay, maybe that’s just me…) The common thread in “Chick lit” is the character of “the Modern Day Career Girl.” She’s smart, independent (usually white), and yet ultimately too clever for her own good. A sucker for Mr. Wrong, ridiculously expensive and uncomfortable footwear and, of course, only mildly comtemporatized Cinderella-Happy-Endings. Reena, Vivian and I were discussing all of this …and I said “well, somebody should write a series for everybody else.” We began brainstorming. It could be a series for women of color, and lesbians, and lesbians of color and lesbians of color who shop at Payless Shoe Source and who don’t shave their armpits! Reena and Vivian turned to me and said, “Well, why don’t YOU write it, Carmen?” I thought about it and replied…”yeah – and maybe I could play the token white girl!” The next morning I got to work.
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Copyright © 2010 Carmen Elena Mitchell

Awards and nominations

Best Lead Actress - Comedy or Drama (Robin Dalea)
26 Mar – 28 Mar | United States
Audience Choice
5 Aug – 12 Aug | United States

Previous screenings

26 Mar – 28 Mar | Los Angeles, United States
Best Lead Actress - Comedy or Drama (Robin Dalea)
5 Aug – 12 Aug | Hollywood, United States
Audience Choice

Latest press reviews/articles

“... The diverse cast and well-crafted dialogue emphasize that female talking points go well beyond love trouble an expensive footwear...creative and immensely entertaining media with laughs that feel close to the heart without all the fluff ...”
1 Sep 2010 | Sara Kantner | Bitch Magazine
“... I love how the creators took the idea to address the idea of liberation. I need a little gif icon of this woman saying “This is your idea of equality,” while holding out a book that reads Love, Lunch, and a Macy’s Sale. ...”
18 Jun 2010 | Latoya Peterson | Jezabel
“... Is this a step towards an independent feminist media? We could be looking at the future here as far as the way shows are produced using the tools of today’s brave new world. ...”
13 Jun 2010 | Cherie W. Rolfe | Femadvocate
“... It is not a show about lesbianism or the ethnicity of the characters; those factors just come into play as part of the humor that is every day life. As one fan commented on the show’s website, “this is hilarious and cutting and thank god intelligent TV." ...”
1 Jun 2010 | Ellen F. Brown | Skirt
“... diversity influences the plot without dictating it. That all sounds noble, but — as you can see in the trailer — it’s also darn funny…I hope that a move from online to basic cable is in its future. ...”
27 May 2010 | Alicia Montgomery | NPR
Move over "Sex and the City," Hello "Real Girls"
27 May 2010 | Tony Cox | NPR
“... a solid and funny webseries that not only adds to the entertainment value of the budding new genre, but proves that the Internet can be the defining equalizer for television just as it has for other mediums. ...”
28 Mar 2010 | Anthony Letizia | Alterna-TV
“... delightful…engaging…pretty…and real ...”
17 Feb 2010 | Jenni Powell | Tubefilter
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