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The 100th Job

A killer prepares to execute the job that will promote him in the crime organization. In doing so, he takes us deep into the dark business of contract killing, puts us into - and then takes us from - the creepy clutches of the mob, lets us into his twisted mind and even more twisted world.

Mobsters, killers, femmes fatales... 'In The 100º Job' universe, there are no good guys, only the least bad.

Writer-director Micki Mihich pays homage to movies and movie fans in this elegant noir tale of murder, deception and fall from grace.

Film notes

I wanted "The 100th Job" to be not only my first step into directing but also a homage to movies and moviegoers.

I thought the best way to pay homage to cinema would be through a film noir, which is not only a staple of world cinema but also is the ultimate indie statement, since it was born out of the necessity of replacing budget for creativity.

With that in mind, I spent months researching the best way of achieving my cinematic vision. I wanted the film to look like "a million dollars", although costing the same as an used car, so I made sure I had the right equipment and crew, at the same time giving chances to new people since I myself was doing this for the first time.

For the true film fan watching movies is not only sitting there looking up, it’s more like a ritual, which not everyone, especially nowadays, gets. So I made the main character a movie fan. I found important that the viewer and the person talking to them had that in common. Although they’re very different people who most likely (and hopefully!) lead very different lives, they have that connection.

"The 100th Job" was begotten out of a challenge. I was with my wife at a film festival and after watching a short film noir we started discussing what would make an ideal noir. My wife (and future co-producer) asked me 'How would you do it?', so I sat down and wrote a short film noir the way I wanted to see it. Voilá - "The 100th Job" was born after two weeks of "gestation".

And I didn’t write a short film, I must add, I wrote a film, which amounted to 20 minutes. I wrote the story letting it come to life as naturally as I could. But while doing it, as I had to choose elements in order to cement it together, I chose ones over others. For instance, the Killer likes movies instead of, let’s say, soccer.

I like all kinds and styles of movies, as long as they’re good. Maybe that’s why "The 100th Job" has action, family drama, suspense, humor, all in one package. A neat package, I hope.
neo noir crime mob gangster mafia killer hitman guns shooting bullets mustang blood femme fatale




Copyright © 2009 Micki Mihich

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Previous screenings

5 Feb – 22 Feb | San Francisco, United States
13 May – 22 May | Cannes, France
1 Sep | Studio City, United States
4 Sep – 6 Sep | Ocoee, United States
4 Oct – 8 Oct | New York, United States
7 Oct – 10 Oct | Washington D.C., United States
15 Oct – 17 Oct | Lubbock, United States
Corby International Short Film Festival | 2009
23 Oct | Corby, United Kingdom
4 Nov – 8 Nov | Orlando, United States
30 Dec | New York, United States

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