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Ciao Mama

A single mother leaves her young daughter behind to go on a trip with her new lover. Abandoned and distraught, the daughter does whatever it takes to provoke some kind of reaction in her parent, resorting to various tactics.

Film notes

Director's statement: The editing process emphasized the tone and style that emerged through the way of shooting: two opposed characters – single Mother, determined to leave her Daughter behind and change her life after years of sacrifice and the Daughter – whose soul mission is to make the Mother re-question the role she has and the impact it makes on their lives. These two characters outline two different ways of being. The Mother is rigid and closed to the Other. The Daughter is the shifty, flexible one that makes new illogic paths no matter how dangerous, as long as they lead to the truth. The style itself is ascetic – scarce dialogue and imagery, with the two of them passing out of or gliding through the shots and space, reinforce the turmoil. Extreme closeups, mostly with their backs turned to the camera and more than half of their faces not actually seen, leave the viewer on the “outside” of their relationship and actions while pushing them to invest more of themselves in order to comprehend the characters behavior – like the Mother herself, work out the meaning and re-question their ways of understanding.
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Previous screenings

Cannes Film Festival
13 May – 24 May | Cannes, France
1 Jul – 5 Jul | Zabok, Croatia
12 Aug – 20 Aug | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
24 Sep – 30 Sep | Thessaloniki, Greece
8 Oct – 21 Oct | Chicago, United States
18 Oct – 24 Oct | Zagreb, Croatia
Damascus International Film Festival
31 Oct – 7 Nov | Damascus, Syria
Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo
1 Feb – 7 Feb | Athens, Greece
19 Feb – 26 Feb | La Louvière, Belgium
19 Feb – 27 Feb | Stockton, United States
6th Akbank Short Film Festival | 2010
1 Mar – 11 Mar | Turkey
4 Mar – 14 Mar | Sofia, Bulgaria
Fribourg International Film Festival
13 Mar – 20 Mar | Fribourg, Switzerland
Huesca Film Festival
4 Jun – 12 Jun | Huesca, Spain
16 Jun – 27 Jun | Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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