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Skyscracia - a floating city among the clouds, miles above Earth, where inhabitants have the technology to fly with the help of enchanted capes. Atreus, our hero, is the star of a national cape ceremony, in which he will receive his cape and fly for the very first time. With much fanfare, Atreus is adorned with his new cape. He takes off into the sky, soaring through the air with agility & grace. His bliss is cut short in mid-flight - a lightning bolt in a cloudless sky - and our young hero falls. He dives for miles, picking-up speed and losing control until he crashes onto the cold hard rock of Earth's floor.This new world is not a friendly place. When Atreus comes to, he is greeted by mammoth storm clouds, thunder, wind and sand. Being stranded here is the curse of death, and Atreus lives out his last days searching for signs of hope. On his deathbed, weak and starved and delirious, his pursuit ends, and Atreus at last finds salvation - in the form of a dream from which he does not wake.



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27 Mar | South Beach, United States

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