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Perchance to Dream

What does an orca dream about when the lights go off and the audience leaves?

After forty years of captivity, 'Perchance to Dream' offers a new perspective in the life of Miami Sea Aquarium's star performer, Lolita the Killer Whale. Brutally taken from her family and home waters in Puget Sound, Washington and flown across the country to live in Miami, Florida, Lolita is expected to perform daily to an enthusiastic crowd; a crowd completely ignorant to the plight of this gentle spirit. Since the death of her tank mate, Hugo, Lolita’s the sole Orca at the aquarium. She dazzles and she amazes; but what happens behind those intelligent and soulful eyes? What happens when the lights go off and the audience departs? What goes through the mind of the world’s top predator turned circus clown? Where do the dreams of a lonely, sentient creature take her when the moon’s full and the only sound is her own steady heart beat? Solace Skies Productions invites you to take a journey into the life of a performing animal and ask the moral questions if whether captivity for sake of amusement is worth its price. This animated short lets the audience experience Lolita's loneliness, heart ache, and unshakeable spirit as she braves a solitary life in the world's smallest Orca tank. Witness through her eyes the world she once knew, the reality that is, and her dream of what could be. Based on true circumstance, this film dares you to reach over the boundary of social acceptance and embrace another living creature with empathy instead of applause.



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27 Mar | South Beach, United States

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