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داخل حوض ماء

A girl experiences everyday’s practice in one single night, the day dream become a nightmare.

Evading her fears and surrender to an imaginary world controlled by her own subconscious…

Depending on apples that resample the urge to show her the way and that’s what’s keeping her running in circles, like if she’s inside a Water Basin.

Film notes

The movie is based on 3 artistic levels to explain:

• Video: The girl’s everyday life and dreams
• Animation: her subconscious fears and worries
• Music & Sound: leading the actions.

and it have 3 time line major points:

• Memories: between childhood and present day (Youth), explaining the character’s dreaming personality.
• Present days: when the girl sleep calm in her bed while the guy is so frustrated from this attitude.
• Her imagination: (beyond dreams) the foggy engine who control her life.




Copyright © 2009 Zeina Antabi

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2 (Syria)

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