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The short animated film is based on the ancient Chinese myth of Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin. Our hero, an elephant in the god's caravan, is accidentally left behind while admiring the beautiful hills in Guilin. He tries to catch up but falls and cannot continue on to heaven. After a long time, he awakens and realizes he may never return home to heaven. Instead, he begins to find meaning in his life by helping a barren landscape become lush and beautiful. He helps the growth of Guilin's beauty by cultivating the land as a good farmer would, however it takes much of his energy to do so, and he collapses, exhausted, as a result.

He is then awoken by the sound of the people celebrating his arrival and what he has done for them. Suddenly, the gods return to take him back to heaven, but the elephant wishes to stay but he is now just ass much a part of guilin as the people who live there and wishes to continue his work. So, he turns his back on the gods and his old home to return to earth and finish the work that he started. Angered, the gods then try to force his return but his determination prevails. This forces the gods hand, because they cannot allow the heaveny elephant to remain on earth, and strike him down, as he goes to drink from the Li River. With that, the gods depart and the elephant is given the chance to be with Guiln forever, as part of the landscape he so loves.
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Copyright © 2009 Guilin Jieli Digital Animation

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22 Oct – 29 Oct | Austin, United States

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