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Shoot Me

The bride to be is about to choose her wedding dress... a mother torn between future stability and a past she is unable to let go.
What happens when the phone rings?
Will, elegance and grace burned by consuming passion.

Red lipstick; a forbidden encounter; sex; photographs and a dark room... 

The divorce papers signed.
Silence, sorrow and regret... love is not easily discarded...
Will the bride ever become the wife?

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We seldom are whom we believe ourselves to be or who we dress up to be…We are but bitter reflections in chipped looking glasses... inhabitants of an illusionary world of carefully constructed invisible cages and forged family ties… all that from which we are afraid to emerge, as we become prey to our own fears, feelings and emotions...
The Lead in «Shoot Me», woman and mother, wife and lover, stands before the moment where she must, inevitably, choose between two men…
What, above all, aroused my interest was not so much capturing the decisive moment when the choice is made, but portraying the tension that gradually builds up through silence and denial: the inner conflict and the way it affects both the person going through such a motion, as well as others that, in one way or another, contribute towards its existence. It was this main stream of thought that I pursued from script to editing, neither condemning nor endorsing any of the personal choices, actions or reactions of those involved and the tensions at work in and amongst them… for ultimately what confers veracity to a character’s actions is the fact that choices are deliberately made for a reason.
Thus it was that I followed Teresa, through whatever paths she chose to follow. Through her eyes I saw; through her ears I heard; through her deep sighs I breathed; through her profound silences I experienced her indecisions, her heartbreaking inner struggle between rationality and desire, her audaciously shielded fear to break silence with one, only one of two possible words, knowing that whatever word she choose present reality would change dramatically, as when a string of pearls is broken and its precious elements scatter and cease to be.

André Badalo
Lisbon | January 2010




Copyright © 2010 André Badalo

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