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A rebellious young woman breaks into a diner at night with a can of spray paint. She ends up finding what's left of a love story.

Film notes

Gumball looks at what a place can mean to different people. We also wanted to see how much of a story we could relate to an audience with just a character, a setting and no dialog.
teen student





Copyright © 2014 Kris and Kurtis Theorin

Awards and nominations

Best Art/Experimental Film
24 Apr – 26 Apr | United States

Previous screenings

24 Feb – 8 Mar | San Jose, United States
3 Apr – 4 Apr | Choctaw, United States
23 Apr – 26 Apr | Wilmington, United States
24 Apr – 26 Apr | West Chester, United States
Best Art/Experimental Film
1 May – 9 May | Seattle, United States
7 May – 9 May | Chicago, United States
24 Jul – 2 Aug | New Hope, United States
28 Aug – 30 Aug | Birmingham, United States

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Gumball has received a new award at West Chester Film Festival. | more...
8 May 2015
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