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Nga Taumaru

A story based on true events, shows a young Maori man, Tommy, a paranoid schizophrenic, retelling his life story to a video camera. His world is haunted by his shadows.

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One time as a news cameraman I was called out to cover a story about a man who’d been cared for by his family due to his mental illness, and for no apparent reason, he brutally attacked and killed his father. There were various rumours that he was hearing voices that were making him do this. Questions filled my head as to why he committed such a malicious act. Was it really the voices? Similar instances had occurred to people that I knew. I even read news articles of similar acts not only pertaining to Maori but across all cultures.

Some of my friends are matekite (people who communicate with the dead) and they deal with visitations almost on a daily basis. And according to them there are good and bad spirits that can attach themselves to people who are open, like for instance children or to the vulnerable, like manic depressives, heavy drug users and of course to the mentally ill.

It’s common for Maori families in New Zealand to care for their mentally ill relatives at home rather than in a hospital.

The character Tommy was based on guy I had met with mentally disturbing issues. He claimed spirits were visiting him outside of his home asking him to research whakapapa (genealogy). He seldom went outdoors and locked himself in his room, only to be visited by his family.
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Previous screenings

13 Oct – 15 Oct | Toronto, Canada
Honolulu Film Awards | 2009
6 Mar – 8 Mar | Honolulu, United States
25 Mar – 3 Apr | Sydney, Australia
30 Apr – 3 May | Rotorua, New Zealand
13 May – 22 May | Cannes, France

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R13 (New Zealand)

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