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A Nagy Nap

Three mentally diseased friends get together in one of their apartments where they change into 'normal'. However, they can not accept their new, transformed life because they felt well when they were 'fool and crazy' and by the end of the movie they decide to help each other to die.

Film notes

This short movie can be interpreted as an anti-eutanasia movie because I wanted to show that these 'fool' people were much happier than after the transformation scene at the balcony. I claim that it is most of the time better to let people be stayed in their natural conditions because if we took them out from their original conditions then we would just make more and more chaos.
mentally disease happyness




Copyright © 2008 Gabor Sebo

Previous screenings

Hungarian Film Week
27 Jan – 3 Feb | Budapest, Hungary
24 Apr – 25 Apr | Göcsej, Hungary
International Festival of Local Televisions
17 Jun – 20 Jun | Košice, Slovakia
1 Sep – 6 Sep | Budapest, Hungary

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