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Prayer in the Night

In The golden age, when gods and goddnesses loved, desire followed upon a look, and enjoyment upon desire”…
A fight against The Night to be together, Selene and Louis should face the power of rules and fears to be free at any cost.

Film notes

Louis belongs to the illuminati knights and lives in the shining area in love with Selene, but there is a borderline which keeps him apart from her.
Selene, lives under the shadow of The Night in the dark part, where her Lord is more powerful.
The rules were broken in order to be together, but getting an especial as cruel punishment…
…Lovers, Louis and Selene, will lose their identities to become The Sun and The Moon for the rest of their lives, keeping the hope of having eclipses to be together…because everything is possible as long as they keep the illusion and desire.
2d animation




Copyright © 2008 The Open Workshop

Previous screenings

AniFest: International Festival of Animated Films
1 May – 10 May | Czech Republic
10 Jul – 12 Jul | Montornès de Segarra, Spain
17 Aug – 21 Aug | Odense, Denmark
Animacam | 2009
1 Sep – 26 Oct | Ourense, Spain
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival
17 Sep – 26 Sep | Lund, Sweden
Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth
18 Sep – 28 Sep | Copenhagen, Denmark
11 Oct – 16 Oct | Los Angeles, United States
La Boca del Lobo International Short Film Festival
21 Oct – 30 Oct | Madrid, Spain
Cinanima: International Animated Film Festival
9 Nov – 15 Nov | Espinho, Portugal
10 Nov – 14 Nov | Bradford, United Kingdom
Sem Tabu: Festival Internacional de Animação e Educação Sexual | 2009
10 Nov – 12 Nov | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 Nov – 19 Nov | Los Angeles, United States
4 Mar – 8 Mar | Vienna, Austria
5 Aug – 12 Aug | Hollywood, United States
1 Jun – 30 Jun | Modesto, United States

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i loved it!!!!!!!!!
20 Feb 2010 | Anonymous
I loved it!
3 Oct 2009 | Anonymous

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