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Ash and Amisha are lovers. Ash pulls cons on rich and lonely housewives. By pretending to love them, Ash convinces the women that they will run away together but they need money to do that, lots of money. Amisha has agreed to this grifter lifestyle as it once seemed dangerous and exciting, however the reality – the man she loves sleeping with other women – is eating her up inside. This though, Amisha thinks, is the last one and soon she and Ash will escape to sunnier climes and start a new life. However their last victim, Priyana, finds out about their scam and unwittingly throws a spanner in the works which tests their love to breaking point.

Film notes

Ashes is a contemporary love story about love and what we will, and will not sacrifice for it.

With Ashes I wanted to make a sensuous film about a doomed love. Against the backdrop of the con, Ash convincing other women that he is love with them so he can take their money, I wanted to explore the limits we will go to for love. Love is fragile and there is only so much of ourselves that we can sacrifice for love and Amisha has reached her limit.

I also wanted to make a film where British Asian characters didn’t have to be escaping from an arranged marriage, or be just a secondary character in the story – I wanted to put Asian characters on film who were sexy, cool, in love and the leading man & lady.




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23 Sep – 26 Sep | St Helier, United Kingdom

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