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Diego's Crossing

Diego and Marisol, a young Hispanic couple, in love, and seeking a new life for themselves in the US. Unfortunately, their lives cross paths with the Vazquez brothers… two notorious brothers in the lucrative business of human trafficking. Once in the States, and in order to repay their debt to the Vazquez brothers, Diego and Marisol must work all sorts of odd jobs. As Diego and Marisol work day and night, the pressure mounts, only to reach the breaking point when Marisol finds herself pregnant with Diego’s child. When they can no longer keep up with his payments to the Vazquez brothers, they try to skip town . When Ricardo Vazquez finally catches up to them, he doesn’t come alone. His ruthless brother, Raul, comes with him. Their intentions are clear. Marisol will go to work at the brothel until their debts are repaid. Not willing to let Marisol go, Diego fights back only to find his body riddled with bullets at the hands of the Vazquez brothers. As Marisol is taken away, Diego finds that he is alive once again… but is he? As he looks around, he sees his dead body at a distance. He realizes that he is a ghost, stuck between the world of the living and the dead. Diego sees this as his one last chance to avenge his death and free Marisol, and his unborn child, once and for all.

Film notes

As a 2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator, most of my work has been action oriented. I wanted to direct a more dramatic piece. I came up with a concept of a man stuck in an abyss between the world of the living and the world of the dead. I then approached my longtime creative partner, Marcos Antonio Miranda, with the idea and he loved it. Also an activist against social injustice, he figured we could use the film to bring attention to the horrible issue of human trafficking. On the technical side, we used the new Panasonic HDX-200 camera to shoot. After researching this camera, I new that its capability for slow-motion, under-cranking and over-cranking would allow me to accentuate the more dramatic moments in the film. It would not have been possible otherwise.
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Copyright © 2009 Roberto Lopez

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