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Chasing the Moon

In the city, there have been several murders of politicians and the mayor got injured from an attempted murder by a mysterious creature. Due to the canine-like scars found on all the victims, people in the city believe that the murders were committed by a ware wolf. However, Diana, the detective, investigates Scott as the prime suspect of the murders. Since the politicians are against Scott’s political party and that result affects Scott’s vote of the up-coming mayor election. On the other hand, Orson who is convinced of werewolves believes that Scott is the werewolf who is killing people. To give a clue to Diana, Orson leaves a crooked claw shaped silver knife anonymously during his visit to Diana’s office. At the night that Orson gets killed, Diana finds the same knife of which Orson left at her office. Diana runs to the mayor’s wardroom to prevent another possible murder and encounters with the werewolf in the room. Diana finally finds the truth about the werewolf when she kills the werewolf.
3d animation noir werewolf




Copyright © 2009 yumi kim

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