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The Last Days Detective

The Last Days Detective opens with Lt. Lennox Ruddock apparently investigating a seemingly bizarre crime scene conferring with a fellow police officer that we can only hear but cannot see.

Most of Ruddock’s investigation takes place at night either in his home or on the city streets. He never appears to interact with any other police detectives nor does he ever check in at his police precinct. Ruddock has the qualifications to be classified as a police officer gone rogue.

One late night Ruddock chases down his prey and we hear the retort of several gunshots but we never have the chance to see just whom the detective is chasing or even if it was him or the person he was chasing that fired the shots.

Ruddock becomes an increasingly haunted man from this case and spends more and more time in his office studying the bizarre crime scene clues in the hope that he can decipher the mind of the man he is pursuing. Then late one night he receives a phone call from the suspect. The deep throated voice on the other end informs Ruddock that “he has no idea the forces that he’s dealing with” and follows that with a somewhat convoluted explanation of what he is trying to achieve through his crimes. As night falls on the city once more Ruddock finds himself back on the streets in his hopeless search for a prey that has no face.

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The inspiration for the film was the product of two weeks of insomnia that lead to sort of constant "living between worlds" feeling.
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15 Jan – 25 Jan | Park City, United States

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