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A driver struggles to restore his broken car. At the same time he must keep to serve his foreign passenger who insist sitting in the car...

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the basic is idea of Orde is how we can talk about political situation problem in Indonesia with metaphor. Orde is a story about neo colonialism of a country that struggling to overcome disasters and declining.

We shot Orde in three days with super 16 mm and we just use one fix lens because the faculty just have that old Aaton camera. Essentially, thats limitation make we must think more hard how we can make film with limitation buget and more thing creative with all the situation and condition...
Indonesian by Harvan agustriansyah




Copyright © 2007 Harvan Agustriansyah

Previous screenings

31 Jan – 1 Feb | Bandung, Indonesia
4 Apr – 7 Apr | Jember, Indonesia
9 Aug – 13 Aug | Jogjakarta, Indonesia
7 Oct | United States
14 Dec – 21 Dec | Philippines
13 Jun – 21 Jun | Shanghai, China
Tehran International Short Film Festival | 2009
11 Nov – 16 Nov | Tehran, Iran

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