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Hmilhama Hashnia

“The other war” tells the tale of Tel-Aviv during the second Lebanon war. It’s a film about Tel-Aviv, Militarism and denial, but mainly about love.

Eli, the heroine, finds herself trapped between two very different sides of being an Israeli: Her older sister is two weeks away from her wedding, when her fiancé is sent to Lebanon for reserve duty. She caries on with the wedding arrangements as usual, convincing herself that as long as the invites are sent out, the wedding will happen, and the groom will be safe from harm. On the other side of the spectrum stands Naama – Elis beautiful new girlfriend. Eli is head over heels in love with her, but Naama doesn’t want to stay in Israel. She just won’t put up with the things Galit accepts as necessities. And Eli herself? She’s stuck in the middle, Between her sister and her lover, her country and her private life.

Film notes

“The other war” deals with the conflict between the desire and the right to happiness and self definition, and the need to belong to the Israeli collective, and within it, to one’s family. Eli, the heroine, is torn between two opposing options: the first is embodied in her new girlfriend, the beautiful, non-conformist Naama, who does whatever she pleases, with little any consideration for others people’s opinion of her. The other option is embodied in Eli’s older sister – Galit – who is Struggling to do everything by the book, even under her impossible predicament.

Family, as presented in the film, is a fragile concept, one that offers its participants a pre-determined deal – the promise of security, in exchange for great sacrifices. The film observes this deal from a perspective that questions the price, and the liberty to choose that exists within it.

The set of basic demands imposed by the Israeli existence is one of the film’s key topics – as is the pursuit of individual happiness in a society that sets it at the bottom of the priority list. Eli’s right to love is constantly threatened by the demands of Israeli reality, such as the long hand of the Israeli militarism, one that grows even longer during wartime.




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Previous screenings

14 Oct – 21 Oct | Israel
Beijing International Movie Festival | 2009
28 Feb – 21 Mar | Beijing, China
16 Apr – 23 Apr | Nashville, United States
14 May – 24 May | Toronto, Canada
18 Jun – 28 Jun | San Francisco, United States
9 Jul – 19 Jul | Los Angeles, United States

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