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Taurus (Bul-ti/Bold/Vrisharashi)

Consumerism – a new virus was born after the ruins of humanity on 6th Aug 1945 at Hiroshima City. Globalisation, the by-product of Consumerism is making us selfish, singularly alone – ‘Global Civilized Man’. As a result, we are going deep into the Black Hole of Superstition. One such of us is the central character of this film The protagonist gets lost in this age of Global Consumerism, where illusion seems to be far away. Now from the core of his heart he wants to final a roof to which he might cling and survive. This roof may be going back to superstitions in his own make believe world.
On going through the several crisscross of incidents on a normal holiday (6th Aug 2006) he is in despair crying out – was I awake or asleep!?!

Film notes

The thin but deep relation between consumerism and superstition goes together in our modern globalised society. An unconventional film language used to making this film-From documentary to fiction, experimental execution to socio-dramatic reaction, a journey end up with a new sense. The worldwide ghost of consumerism is conveying in this film in a nut-cell of a very middle class protagonist’s life style. And there have some multi -layered metaphor, which indicates some tributes to the great filmmakers and some other thoughts parallel with the main line of the film.
consumerism superstition slapstics


Previous screenings

13 Feb – 17 Feb | Thrissur, India
Kolkata Short Film Festival | 2008
7 Dec – 13 Dec | Kolkata, India

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