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A writer suddenly awakes, inspiration has struck and he must follow its lead. He works through the night on what will be his masterpiece only to find that it will come at a price.

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Kenosis is the second in a projected cycle of three films that will approach the concept of solitude and creativity. The title is a Greek word for emptiness but is also a theological term in the Christian tradition to express the act of spiritually emptying one's self. Artists tend to synthesize the human experience and express it through their works which requires them to, in an artistic sense, empty themselves. The added spiritual meaning by titling this film with a theological term is purposeful as great works of art communicate at a level far deeper than our senses.

The film grew from one of those peculiar nights when sleep is overpowered by inspiration. With this film we wanted to create a visual representation of inspiration which seems to operate outside of ourselves. It wakes us up, grabs hold and makes us its instrument.

We were interested in making a series of minimalist works in which we can experiment with sound design, composition, and storytelling. The idea of a cycle simply came about as all three films were conceived from one another. It was over a period of two weeks that the three films took shape. We wanted to shoot them all in black and white and with only one actor to maximize the reality of their idiosyncratic worlds. The other two films included in this cycle are "Zeitnot" (2009) and "Ningyo" (in pre-production)

Principal photography for "Kenosis" was shot over the course of two weekends and post production took about a month. We focused especially on the sound design for this film as we were trying to paint the interior landscape of the writer.

"Kenosis" premiered at the Portland Art Museam in March 2010 and won best experimental film at NW Projections in April of that year and was also nominated for Best of the Fest. The next screening will be at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in August 2010.


Writer (Original story)
Sound Designer




Awards and nominations

Best Experimental / Animation / Music Video
Northwest Projections Film Festival | 2010
15 Apr – 18 Apr | United States
Best Experimental Film - under 10 minutes
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival | 2010
18 Aug – 22 Aug | United States

Previous screenings

Northwest Projections Film Festival | 2010
15 Apr – 18 Apr | Bellingham, United States
Best Experimental / Animation / Music Video
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival | 2010
18 Aug – 22 Aug | Washougal, United States
Best Experimental Film - under 10 minutes
Indie Can Film Festival | 2010
30 Sep – 3 Oct | Woodbridge, Canada
1 Oct – 31 Oct | New York, United States
4 Mar – 13 Mar | Byron Bay, Australia

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A strange yet intriguing minimalist experimental short with one actor capturing all the emotion surrounding solitude in a dungy basement and the reflective world around it.
17 Aug 2010 | Vancouver Voice
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Kenosis has received a new award at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. | more...
28 August 2010
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