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Prozrenie (Прозрение)

In a spacious Moscow apartment there live Father, once famous and now forgotten writer, and his blind son Adam. One day, while on the way home, Father meets a vagrant who sells him an ancient mirror for little money. The mirror was the only subject that had stayed intact during the bombing of the building in blockaded Leningrad at the time of the WWII. Father brings the mirror home, where his blind son accidently finds it. From this moment on Adam’s life changes significantly. He starts having colorful dreams in which he sees himself sighted, sees his Father, the Moscow streets and the park in which he walks in the real life. The real and unreal mix together: blind Adam begins to paint everything he sees in his remarkable night dreams. But one day Father breaks the mirror. Adam has his last prophetic dream – his Father’s death. This awful dream comes true – Father dies. Adam stays alone in the whole world. He is scared and confused, because now he has to face the unknown world on his own. Sitting alone on the bench in the park, Adam suddenly meets Eve who is ready to become his fellow traveler in the journey of life.

Film notes

Insight is the film about the person who for a certain reason loses belief in life. He just whiles away his time without finding any satisfaction. But then, all of a sudden, there appears something that allows “the lost man” to regain his strength and to move further.

The mystical situation helps Adam, the main character, to see another, colorful side of his life that was and could have remained unknown to him.

Insight is the film about the inner loneliness and friendship as a way out of it.

This film is about carefulness, about the value and fragility of things that help us come back to life.

This film is about how to love and appreciate the special people around us.

This film is about faith, love and hope…
blind прозрение короткий метр прозрение короткометражка прозрение



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14 Nov – 17 Nov | Moscow, Russia

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