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Luuk is a truckdriver who seems to be a goodhearted father to his daughter Isabel. Isabel lives with her mother after her parents divorced. Whenever Luuk has the chance he takes Isabel for a ride in his truck to the sea and they play together in the sand. Then one day Luuk discovers the horrific reason why Isabel is so quiet that day. From that moment on Luuk has to cope with a new and unexpected situation but he slowly loses control.

Film notes

Millions of kids all over the world are mentally or physically mistreated. Every week a child dies in Holland due to ill-treatment by their own parents. After I heard about these alarming figures all my other ideas for shooting a short film seemed stupid and unnecessary. I hope to believe that there is a small chance that this film can make a difference. If we succeed in reaching one of those mothers or fathers this film is in my opinion already a great success, whether you like it or not.

Joost van Ginkel never succeeded in getting any film-fund money for the realization of ZAND. So after a while he decided to ask his crew to do a ten-days shoot for free. Everyone we asked loved the script and immediately participated and worked as a non-paid professional crew member. The cameraman and several other crew members invested money to realize the film.

Finally (artistically) it paid of. Zand (Sand) was officially selected for the Venice Film Festival 2008 as the only Dutch entry. Zand also became the official Dutch entry for the Oscars, and received the prize ‘Best Dutch Short’ at the International Film festival of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Thanks to the success of ‘Zand’ Van Ginkel recently realised his second short film ‘Kus’ (Kiss) and got funding to write his first feature film named ‘Oppervlakte’ (Surface).
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Previous screenings

Venice Film Festival
27 Aug – 6 Sep | Venice, Italy
Netherlands Film Festival
24 Sep – 3 Oct | Utrecht, Netherlands
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
30 Jan – 7 Feb | Clermont-Ferrand, France
18 Mar – 22 Mar | Nijmegen, Netherlands
9 Apr – 15 Apr | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
30 Apr – 10 May | Brussels, Belgium
11 Jun – 30 Aug | Big Sur, United States
16 Jun – 21 Jun | Toronto, Canada
Festroia: Internacional Film Festival
4 Sep – 13 Sep | Setúbal, Portugal
Netherlands Film Festival
23 Sep – 1 Oct | Utrecht, Netherlands
25 Sep – 4 Oct | Calgary, Canada
Warsaw International Film Festival
9 Oct – 18 Oct | Warsaw, Poland
Curtocircuíto: International Short Film Festival
10 Oct – 17 Oct | Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Uppsala International Short Film Festival
19 Oct – 25 Oct | Uppsala, Sweden
La Boca del Lobo International Short Film Festival
21 Oct – 30 Oct | Madrid, Spain
Interfilm: International Short Film Festival Berlin
3 Nov – 8 Nov | Berlin, Germany
3 Nov – 8 Nov | Brussels, Belgium
5 Nov – 8 Nov | Paris, France
Filmets: Badalona International Short Film Festival
6 Nov – 14 Nov | Badalona, Spain
13 Nov – 22 Nov | Miami, United States
23 Apr – 25 Apr | West Chester, United States
Porto7: Oporto International Short Films Festival
9 Jun – 13 Jun | Porto, Portugal

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