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La boîte à Pépé

Safia works as a cashier in Paris and tries to do her job as well as she can despite the clients and their unbearable remarks. As a benefit association active member, she pretends to not see the many skulduggeries done by the homeless people and she tries to help them the best she can.
Lil’ Louis is one of them. He tries to survive with his smartness even if he has a fondness for alcohol and violence. But in spite of this, he stays authentic, easy going and definitely kind. That’s why everybody loves him in the neighbourhood, just like Mr Zitouni, owner of a Nargileh Lounge Bar which has some problems caused by the anti-tobacco laws. Today, the most of time, as a result of those laws, the bar is empty of client but not of police officer.
Lil’ Louis is not alone. He’s surrounded by different kind of people from the neighbourhood.
Among them, Clothilde… a dreamy painter and her husband Philippe… a pragmatic insurer,Clemence and Mathieu…a married couple anghished by childbirth, Farida Belkacem, the police officer Christophe De La Roche Foucault, the responsible for the Benefit Association…
Here is a gathering of people trying to find a place in a world without good sense and moral order…
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Previous screenings

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
30 Jan – 7 Feb | Clermont-Ferrand, France
8 Apr – 18 Apr | Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 Jun – 14 Jun | Avignon, France
17 Jul – 19 Jul | Ouroux-en-Morvan, France
25 Jul – 2 Aug | Wroclaw, Poland

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