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Raga of River Narmada

Any river is an integral component of the life in India. Though practically all civilization started off from the banks of river, the cultural signature of a river or water bodies has not been as prominent as in India. The river Narmada has a prominent place in lives of people living at the banks and around. She is the mother, companion and mainstay of the lives for the people. I tried to captures the rare moods of Narmada from its origin to the final destination. Narmada keeps on changing her myriad moods from dawn to dusk and from spring to autum.
Rising from Amarkantak in East of the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India and falling into Arabian Sea in the West, Narmada manifests its mystic moods and unmasks its awesome beauty during the course of 1312 km. Narmada rewards devotees with eternal joy and peace absolving them of impurities. There is no river in the world around which devotees take up an arduous journey to seek blessings.
The spiritual peace prevailing around the holy river Narmada finds finest cinematographic expressions. Narmada has witnessed fledging days of human civilization and ethnic cultures.
In fact the film is a tribute to the majestic and spiritual Narmada offered through Dhrupad style of singing - the oldest form of Indian classical music. The Raga of River Narmada is thus a harmony of ancient and modern art forms.
Aalaap, swift taans, approach to Sura, mastered voice culture rhythmic progression of Raga Bhupali by Dhrupad duo Gundecha brothers offer a prayer to Narmada. The nature of Dhrupad is spiritual. It originates from Om - the sacred syllable, which in Hindu philosophy is supposed to a source of creation. Identity of Narmada stands close to the attributes of Dhrupad. Narmada is a deity and Dhrupad is medium of worship.Thus Raga of River Narmada is a humble attempt to appeal to mind and heart .




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11 Dec – 15 Dec | Kathmandu, Nepal

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